About Us

We are based in Sacramento, California, but reach out to all construction workers across the whole state.

We embrace all sections of the construction community – from bricklaying to paving.

Our mission is to help all construction professionals, from laborer to site manager or engineer, to get on and thrive in the industry.

We provide details on courses, training and master classes in all aspects of building, construction, engineering and all related trades.

Last month we hosted a meet up of roofers, which was widely attended by our members. Next month we are planning a get together of all paving and asphalt professionals.

Our monthly meet ups are an informal chance to have a get together with likeminded colleagues and other professionals in the field.

These are great opportunities to talk with others in the trade and swap experiences with one another.

But in addition to the social side of our meet ups, there is always an ulterior motive as well.

Our monthly events offer a brilliant chance for members to learn what’s happening in the industry and catch up on the gossip and news in California.

They are also attended by contractors and employers alike, so it an invaluable chance to meet who is hiring in the area and discuss opportunities, in an informal setting.

As well as becoming a prime way of recruiting by large companies and contractors, our monthly meets are chances for the professional to ask questions that they might not be able to do, in a work setting.

We are also attended by delegates from colleges and other training establishments in the locale. This can be of benefit to any professional looking to enhance their resumes!

In short, as well as being great fun and an opportunity to let your hair down, our events also make good sense for your continued career in construction.

Interested in a career in construction, but not sure where to begin?

Come along to our April meet up and discover how to get started!