Routes Into Construction

There are various routes into a career in construction.

So, if you are considering a job in construction – or know someone who is – don’t be dissuaded just because you don’t have the experience or qualifications that you think you need.

There is more than one path into a well paid career in construction!


Don’t have the relevant experience in the field of construction?

This is not necessarily a problem!

You can apply for an unskilled position on a construction site and this can lead onto a more skilled role, further down the line.

Maybe the job may not be your ideal position to begin with, but with patience it will give you a grounding in the industry which will be of later benefit to you.

It is still possible to start at the bottom in the construction business and to work your way up through the ranks. This is not something that can be said about many trades or professions these days!


At a trade school you will learn the theory behind the practical knowledge that you need to succeed in construction.

This can be done whilst you are still at high school or college.

The courses generally last between one and two years.

Completing a course in trade school will make you more attractive to potential employers across California.


A younger person may consider an apprenticeship as a valuable route into the industry.

This would usually be something that happens after attending trade school and often requires a good high school education. However, there are still sometimes openings which are more flexible.

Apprenticeships are five years long and you will learn all about the industry, on the job.

As you progress through the program, your confidence will increase – along with your pay!


Depending on the area that you want to work in, you will need specific qualifications.

Check out the requirements for separate roles such as electrician, scaffolder and gas fitter, online.


Most – but not all – construction jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent.

Obtaining these qualifications significantly improves your chances of success in the labor market.


A lot of graduates do not consider a career in construction, but this is a mistake.

If you are thinking about obtaining a degree, consider the various engineering bachelors. These can lead to a well paid and interesting career in construction.

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